Geoff Steurer
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Two-Day Couple Intensives with Geoff Steurer

This opportunity allows couples two days of intensive couple therapy with Geoff Steurer, licensed marriage and family therapist and marriage recovery expert. 

Marriage intensives offer:


Here’s what we can accomplish during the marriage intensive

During your intensive, I’ll work privately with you in a highly focused way for two days. It will be intensive marriage counseling for just the two of you. No other couples or therapists will be involved.

Although we can’t solve everything in two days, we can usually:

Very likely, you’ll leave the intensives with your walls down, feeling softer and closer to each other than you have in a long time. 


Cost: $3,500

Schedule:Two consecutive days 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m

During your intensive, we’ll work together each day in a highly focused way. Here is the basic schedule and cost outline.

Unlike weekly sessions, we can break when we need to. For intensives, I’m on call for you during the times listed. Each couple is unique in the pace they want to work. It’s important for you to carve out space during the two days to concentrate on your marriage. The schedule during the day will flex based on how things are going.

First Day: Typically, I'll do one hour in the morning with both partners. After that, we'll break into individual sessions (each spouse for one hour) By this time, everyone is ready for lunch. After an hour or so for lunch, we'll come back in the afternoon for more sessions with short breaks as we need them.

Second DayWe’ll begin the second day with couples counseling and take breaks as needed. If additional individual meetings are necessary, we’ll adjust accordingly. There will be a one-hour lunch. If additional time is needed after the second day, we can discuss and make arrangements, if time allows.  

Location:393 E. Riverside Drive Suite 3A, St. George, UT 84790

Next Steps:

  1. Call 435-652-4366 to schedule a brief complimentary phone consultation to determine if this marriage intensive is a good fit for you. On the call, we’ll decide together what will best meet your needs during the two-day intensive or if there is a more appropriate treatment.
  2. The date will be set and you’ll pay a non-refundable deposit of $1000 to hold your spot. I accept checks or credit cards (please note there is a 3.75% charge associated with credit cards).
  3. I will email you intake paperwork and assessments that you will need to complete and return before the intensive.
  4. I highly recommend you read “Hold Me Tight” or “Love Sense” by Sue Johnson prior to the intensive so you’re familiar with attachment theory and the Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy model of treatment. 
  5. Final payment of the balance of $2,500 for the intensive needs to be made at least one week before the intensive begins. I accept checks or credit cards (please note there is a 3.75% charge associated with credit cards).
  6. Please arrange childcare – no infants or children allowed in sessions so you can get maximum benefit from our time together.
  7. We can make recommendations for lodging and activities in the St. George area. Most clients fly into the Las Vegas airport (LAS), which is a 2-hour drive from St. George. There is a small regional airport in St. George (SGU) that is also an option

Intensives are Not Appropriate for All Couples 

Consider these conditions before making the commitment:


These couples or similar situations may necessitate a more traditional weekly session format or other interventions before couples therapy is appropriate.



About St. George, Utah

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I recommend couples plan an extra day or two to enjoy some time together in the beautiful surroundings of Southern Utah. 


Disclaimer: These couple intensives are offered by Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT in support of couples wanting to do significant work on their relationship. Results cannot be guaranteed. As with other therapy services offered, no warranty or guarantee is made either explicit or implied.

Mandatory Disclosure: These therapy services will be subject to the laws and regulations of the State of Utah where the therapy occurs and Mr. Steurer is licensed. As such, though you may be visiting from out of state or country, as an LMFT in Utah, Mr. Steurer may be required to report evidence or allegations of child abuse or elder abuse to authorities or a government agency where you reside and/or in Utah depending on circumstances or to take action if a partner is a risk to self or others.