Illuminate: Gaelyn Rae Emerson - Staying resilient when your husband relapses - Episode 56

illuminate podcast Apr 09, 2020

The uncertainty of a potential relapse often leaves betrayed women anxious and tense. They wonder when the next betrayal will happen and how they'll respond. Even though there is no way to predict the future, my guest in this episode, Gaelyn Rae Emerson, says that women can prepare themselves and develop resilience in the face of future relapses, regardless of what happens to their relationship. In this episode we discuss: 

- The definition of relapse preparedness and what caused her to start thinking about relapse preparedness. 

- Some of the feelings women commonly express in the aftermath of a relapse.

- What she says to women who worry that “preparing” for a relapse is giving him permission to do it.  

- Mistakes women sometimes make when approaching the idea of relapse preparedness. 

- What to do when thinking about a relapse triggers anxiety and trauma. 

- Who benefits most from Relapse Preparedness Planning?



Gaelyn Rae Emerson works full-time as a betrayal trauma recovery coach, with advanced training in couples relationships, divorce recovery, problematic sexual behavior and sex addiction induced trauma. Within this field, she combines 16 years of personal and professional experience, “down in the trenches” with other women, reeling and healing together from the impact of sexual betrayal.

You can reach Gaelyn at:


Certified Professional Life Coach, Impact Coaching Academy (CPLC)

Certified Couples Relationship Coach, Impact Coaching Academy (CCRC)

Certified Divorce Recovery Coach, Impact Coaching Academy (CDRC)

Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation (ICF-ACC)

Certified Partners Coach, Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS-CPC)

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