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All is NOT lost!

If you’ve broken your partner’s trust, you know how hard it is to win it back. You know it’s going to take time, but you have no idea where to start. It seems like the more you try to fix the relationship the worse things get. You don’t want to make things worse, but you want to do something to make it better.

Most people have no idea where to start, so they either do nothing and hope it gets better or they start doing the wrong things. If you’re not sure where to start, I can help you.

The good news is there are proven steps to becoming a trustworthy person again and repairing the trust you’ve broken. If you want to know where to start, then I have the solution for you. I have created the...


What do others think?

"Geoff is the best in his field! He is soft-spoken, loving, non-judgmental, and very professional. He can heal any broken marriage! I highly recommend him for any couple or person who has experience betrayal from a loved one, or anyone who is in a pornography and sexual addiction. Geoff will work with you to get your life back!" ~ DB

Best course ever!! Saved my life when I was at the bottom of my life ready to check out! ~ MC

Good thorough coverage. Easy to understand ~ FB

I feel you touched base with every aspect of betrayal trauma and trust building. A lot of what you said in the videos spoke to me on a deep level. ~ RE

"I can say Geoff saved my life in a way I can never pay back. Thanks Geoff." ~ BM

"He gives great advice really speaking from a place of respect!" ~ SS

Imagine this...

Imagine being able to look in your partner’s eyes again and see their trust and confidence in you. Imagine feeling the relief of not walking on eggshells anymore. You’ve finally built back the trust you lost and you’ve fallen back in love with each other again. You can achieve this.

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Geoff Steurer

Since 1999 I’ve worked as a licensed marriage therapist with thousands of men and women who have broken trust in their relationships and worried there was nothing they could do to ever fix what they damaged. These weren’t just small hurts that would heal over time. These were serious betrayals that were about to end their relationships. I’ve helped turn these relationships around. I’ve figured out the core principles for creating conditions where trust can grow and watched these men and women repair the damage and build loving relationships. Repairing broken trust isn’t easy and takes time, but when you start my 12-week Trust Building Bootcamp, you will know you’re on the right path.

The Trust Building Bootcamp will give you...


Clarity instead of confusion. I will show you the first place to start rebuilding trust.


Guidance through my proven process to actively rebuild trust every single day.


Key principles to become a trustworthy person in all of your relationships.


Effective ways to respond to your partner's pain and mistrust.

Bottom Line: There will be no more guessing what will actually heal broken trust. I map out the necessary steps and guide you along.

"Not only have I known Geoff for almost a decade now, but I trained in his clinic when I was getting into private practice. What I learned from Geoff has had a lasting effect on me. Every single week in my therapy practice, I pull something Geoff told me from my memory banks and use it to help my clients get unstuck. Geoff is the real deal. He's a gifted clinician, an amazing teacher, and he's fun. If you get a chance to learn from him in any way, count yourself very fortunate."

Dr. Adam Moore

Here is a complete outline of the
Trust Building Bootcamp video training:

Module 1

I hurt my loved what?

Broken trust puts everyone in crisis and it’s critical to make smart choices to help begin the trust rebuilding process as quickly as possible. I’ll teach you what to do and what not to do in the early days and weeks after trust has been broken.

Module 2

Understanding Betrayal Trauma

In this module, I’ll explain betrayal trauma and help you understand why your betrayed partner responds the way they do. I’ll also outline what your partner needs in order to heal so you can learn how to offer support.

Module 3

Taking care of yourself

Even though you’re working to help your partner heal, you need to make sure you’re as stable as possible so you can be there for them. I’ll help you identify specific areas where you need to strengthen yourself to make sure you can go the distance and keep showing up for your partner.

Module 4

Getting your heart right

Your motives and attitude need to be in the right place so you can be a source of healing for your injured partner. Otherwise, your partner won’t ever feel safe with you and trust you. This module will help you get your heart aligned so you can do the right things for the right reasons.

Module 5

Becoming self-aware

Most people don’t mean to break trust. Usually serious mistakes happen due to a lack of self-awareness. I’ll help you identify your blind spots and become more self-aware so you can avoid the patterns that caused you to break trust.

Module 6

Owning your story

If you’ve ever kept a secret from your loved one, then you’ve struggled to own your story. I’ll teach you how to face your own story without shame and denial. You’ll work hard to get honest about what you’ve done and how it’s impacted you and your loved one.

Module 7

Creating healing conditions

Rebuilding trust not only takes time, but also requires creating the correct healing conditions. Even though you can’t make the injured person trust you again, you can create conditions that will make it easier for them to decide to trust again. In this module, you’ll learn what these conditions are and why they're necessary for trust to thrive.

Module 8

You’re a pain and a comfort

If you’re getting mixed signals from your hurt loved one, it’s because you are actually two things to them: You are both a source of pain as well as a source of comfort. Understanding this reality will help you respond to them in healthy ways. I will give you specific tools to help you respond better to your partner’s pain.

Module 9

Avoid these destructive behaviors

As you work to rebuild trust, you'll inadvertently say and do things that hurt your partner. I’ll help you identify and eliminate the most common problem behaviors and attitudes that keep the relationship from progressing forward in the trust-building process.

Module 10

How to really listen

As trust starts to heal, your injured loved one will have a lot to say about the ways your actions impacted them. Your ability to take in their world and truly listen will be a determining factor in rebuilding trust. If you fail to really listen to what they’re saying, it could reverse all of the trust-building progress you’ve made. I’ll teach you what good listeners do so you can offer your injured partner a safe and secure environment to open up their world to you.

Module 11

This is better than “I’m sorry”

I’ll teach you how to stay in ongoing long-term accountability and maintain the gains you’ve created in rebuilding trust. Living a new life worthy of trust is better than a thousand expressions of “I’m sorry.” I’ll clarify the overall roadmap of long-term trust maintenance and address specific relationship scenarios that can be challenging to navigate.

Module 12

Building your new relationship

Rebuilding trust means building a new relationship that looks nothing like the former relationship. Even though your relationship can't be fully rebuilt after 12 weeks, I’ll share my vision for what’s possible so you can continue building on this new foundation of trust.

To add even more value to this program and to give you the BEST chance of achieving success, I want to also include this bonus...

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"I did the first lesson and you are amazing! I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do with this program when I started but I think I do now! You move at a pace that gives the person time to think, make decisions, etc. And your presentation asks questions that if you really want this to work you can’t avoid! Well done-thank you for letting me do this. I can see where these principles have worked other times for me and even though this will be tough, I believe it will bring great results! "

- D. A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if I was working directly with you one-on-one, I couldn’t guarantee a specific relationship outcome because it involves two people who both get to decide what they ultimately want. What I CAN guarantee is that you will learn proven principles for creating optimal conditions where trust can grow and thrive. I’ll provide the education, you live the principles, and then your partner will decide if they want to trust you again.

You can ask questions inside the course that I will then answer during the live webinar calls. You will get access to these calls as part of your purchase.

This course is designed to directly benefit your relationship as you apply these principles. Your partner is welcome to watch the videos with you if they'd like. As you apply the trust-building principles taught in the course, you'll create optimal conditions to help them heal.

No one can make someone trust them, but you can give them more reasons to want to trust you again. It takes longer than 12 weeks to rebuild lasting trust, which is why I'm giving you free access to my bi-monthly webinars so you can continue to learn and apply these principles after the course is finished. And, ultimately, regardless of your relationship status, you can always work to become a trustworthy person.

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