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Trust Building Bootcamp

Have you broken your partner’s trust?

Do you wonder if you'll ever win back their respect and confidence? 

I’ll show you where to start so you can rebuild trust with your partner.

My name is Geoff Steurer and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist who has helped couples rebuild trust for over 20 years. 

I created the 12-week Trust Building Bootcamp to walk you through my step-by-step process of creating conditions where trust can be restored.

Rebuilding trust isn't as simple as just stopping the behaviors that broke the trust. There is a process to rebuilding trust and I want to coach you every step of the way.

In this course, I’ll begin teaching you the first things you should do as well as the things you must absolutely NOT do. As you probably already know, rebuilding trust isn't something you can do quickly or easily, but it can be done!

My goal is to help you become a trustworthy person for life!

Sure, you might be able to get through this current crisis on your own, but why would you when you can join an experienced guide who will show you the way?

Imagine living a life where your integrity was beyond question. Imagine having the full confidence of your partner once again. All of this is possible when you know the right steps to create trust building conditions.

I could teach you a few quick strategies in a couple of lessons that might help you calm things down for a while, but I want to spend enough time with you to make sure you can truly heal yourself and your relationship from the inside out.

The 12 modules in the Trust Building Bootcamp are designed to walk you through the entire process becoming a trustworthy person so you can rebuild broken trust.

I’ve included all of the same lessons and principles I’ve taught my clients over the past 20 years in my therapy practice.

You can access all of these same resources for less than the cost of a couple of therapy sessions.

And, I'll make sure you also have lifetime access to these lessons so you can go at your own pace. 

Please don’t give up hope! Even though you might think it’s too late to repair broken trust, it’s never too late to become a trustworthy person.

Here's an overview of the 12 modules you'll get in the Trust Building Bootcamp:

Module 1 - I hurt my loved one...now what?

Broken trust puts everyone in crisis and it’s critical to make smart choices to help begin the trust rebuilding process as quickly as possible. I’ll teach you what to do and what not to do in the early days and weeks after trust has been broken.

Module 2 - Understanding Betrayal Trauma

In this module, I’ll teach you the basics about betrayal trauma and help you understand what your betrayed partner is experiencing. Understanding betrayal trauma sets the foundation for rebuilding trust. 

Module 3 - Taking care of yourself

Even though you’re working to help your partner heal, you need to make sure you’re in a good place to be there for them. I’ll help you identify areas where you need to strengthen yourself to make sure you can go the distance and keep showing up for your partner.

Module 4 - Getting your heart right

Your motives need to be in the right place, otherwise, your partner won’t ever trust you. This module will help you get your heart aligned so you can do the right things for the right reasons.

Module 5 - Becoming self-aware

Most people don’t mean to break trust. Usually serious mistakes happen due to a lack of self-awareness. I’ll help you identify your blind spots and become more self-aware so you can avoid the patterns that caused you to break trust.

Module 6 - Owning your story

If you’ve ever kept a secret from your loved one, then you’ve struggled to own your story. I’ll teach you how to face your own story without shame and denial. You’ll work hard to get honest about what you’ve done and how it’s impacted you and your loved one.

Module 7 - Creating healing conditions

Rebuilding trust not only takes time, but also requires creating the correct healing conditions. Even though you can’t make the injured person trust you again, you can create conditions to make it easier for them to decide to trust again. In this module, you’ll learn what these conditions are and why they're necessary for trust to thrive.

Module 8 - You’re a pain and a comfort

If you’re getting mixed signals from your hurt loved one, it’s because you are actually two things to them: You are both a source of pain as well as a source of comfort. Understanding this reality will help you respond to them in healthy ways. I will give you specific tools so you can maximize the comfort and minimize the pain. 

Module 9 - Destructive behaviors to avoid

As you work to rebuild trust, you'll make mistakes and say or do things that hurt your partner. I’ll help you identify and eliminate the problem behaviors that set back your progress.

Module 10 - How to really listen

As trust starts to heal, your injured loved one will have a lot to say about the ways you impacted them. If you fail to really listen to what they’re saying, it could reverse all of the trust-building progress you’ve made. I’ll show you what good listeners do so you can offer your injured partner deeper healing.

Module 11 - This is better than “I’m sorry”

I’ll teach you how to stay in ongoing long-term accountability and maintain the gains you’ve created in rebuilding trust. Living a new life worthy of trust is better than a thousand expressions of “I’m sorry.” I’ll clarify the overall roadmap of long-term trust maintenance and address specific relationship scenarios that can be challenging to navigate.

Module 12 - Building your new relationship

Rebuilding trust means building a new relationship that looks nothing like the former relationship. Even though your relationship can't be fully rebuilt after 12 weeks, I’ll share the vision for what’s possible so you can continue building on this new foundation of trust.