9 signals it's time to speak up (part 2) - Jody Steurer and Jamee Adams - Episode 112

I welcome back my wife, Jody, and her sister, Jamee, co-hosts of the popular Speak Up Sister podcast, for the second installment where we talk about how we can know it's time to speak up and use our voices. We go through 9 indicators that signal that it's time to speak up about things that matter. In this episode, we cover the second portion of these items.

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About Jody Steurer
I’ve always been really interested in human behavior and interaction, so I studied it at Brigham Young University and graduated with a BS in psychology. While my husband, Geoff, and I raised our four lively children (two with neurodevelopment disorders), I stayed up with the latest research on how humans struggle and thrive. Life and my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ taught me how interconnected it all is to our relationship with the Divine. It’s still my favorite topic of conversation and I often get invited to speak about it at church and in the community. I am also a certified life coach, which allows me to support many people in living true to their values and aspirations.

About Jamee Adams
Like Jody, I have a deep interest in successful human relationships, specifically focusing on recurring patterns and large group applications. I have a Master’s degree from Tel Aviv University Israel in Public Policy, emphasizing conflict resolution, and currently work with a psychological testing company. I’m married to Jason (a clinical psychologist), I have 4 children, and my heart is planted firmly in the Church of Jesus Christ. Having had difficult experiences learning how to use my voice consistently and effectively, I know how challenging it can be. But speaking up shines a bright light into otherwise dim places, and the more light there is, the more we all can see together.