Building a shame-free marriage in recovery - Hayden and Savannah Paul - Episode 118

It's possible to build a healthy marriage when recovering from a pornography addiction, but several important things need to be in place. I interview Hayden and Savannah Paul, a couple who are committed to building a shame-free marriage as Hayden works through his addiction recovery. Hayden was transparent about his struggle with pornography early in their dating relationship and has taken charge of his own recovery. If you want to hear what it takes to build a shame-free marriage in recovery, listen to what this couple is doing.


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About Hayden and Savannah   

Hayden and Savannah Paul were married on January 24, 2020. Since then they’ve been living in Sandy, Utah. Hayden and Savannah seek to change the conversation surrounding pornography with a focus on de-shaming the problem so true healing can occur. They host a weekly podcast titled “I Stand at The Door.” It’s geared toward helping parents, youth and church leaders understand and navigate the complicated issue surrounding porn. Hayden personally fought a 10-year battle against this struggle and after learning many lessons has now, for over a year, felt the peace and freedom that comes from the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Savannah is a native of Illinois and a returned missionary from the Las Vegas West mission. She finished her degree in nursing at BYU this past April and gave birth to their baby, Walker, a week later. She loves to sing, play the piano, and watercolor. Hayden grew up in Sandy and served his mission in Budapest, Hungary. He is an infantry rifleman in the United States Marine Corp and currently serves in a reserve capacity with 4th LAR Charlie Company. He loves being a dad and throws their baby around more than Savannah would like. Hayden also works for Operation Underground Railroad, an organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of children who are in the bonds of sex trafficking.