From Crisis to Connection - with Geoff Steurer

From Crisis to Connection - with Geoff Steurer

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The goal of healing isn't just stopping the crisis. It's ultimately moving into genuine and meaningful connection with ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Join licensed therapist and author Geoff Steurer...

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A mindful way to address addiction and trauma - Jacob Hess - Episode 108

Episode #108

I had the privilege of interviewing one of my favorite thought leaders, Jacob Hess. We talked about one of his specialities, mindfulness, and how we can apply these principles to addiction and trauma. It's a...
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Sponsoring and supporting others in recovery - Thomas 2.0 - Episode 107

Episode #107

I continue my discussion with Thomas from episode 106 where we discuss what it means to sponsor someone in the 12-step program. These principles apply to supporting others as well. Thomas shares what it's been like to...
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From Dark to Light: One man's recovery from pornography and lust - Thomas 2.0 - Episode 106

Episode #106

After 30 years of addiction to pornography and lust, Thomas began a recovery journey that began five years and continues to this day. In this episode, he shares his story and the recovery principles that are creating...
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Listening to, learning from, and loving our LGBTQ friends and family - Richard "Papa" Ostler - Episode 105

Episode #105

I invited Richard "Papa" Ostler, host of this podcast "Listen, Learn, and Love" to join me on this podcast to talk about how we can stay connected to our LGBTQ friends and family. We discuss:  What we can...
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How men can build friendships with other men - Connor Beaton - Episode 104

Episode #104

I had a great interview with Connor Beaton, the founder of Man Talks, to talk about how men can build solid friendships with other men. I also invited one of my sons to join me for this interview. Connor challenged...
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Improve your life by choosing faith over fear - Richie Norton - Episode 103

Episode #103

Join me as I chat with best selling author, world-renowned business coach, entrepreneur, and all-around happy guy, Richie Norton, about how we can choose faith over fear. Richie's life may seem like it's good vibes...
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How to stop enabling others - Geoff Steurer & Valerie Hamaker - Episode 102

Episode #102

Join me and fellow therapist, Valerie Hamaker, as we riff about all things enabling. This episode is a replay of an episode we recorded for her podcast, "Voice About Living" and is the follow up to a previous episode...
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Responding to sexual offenses - Dr. Stefanie Carnes - Episode 101

Episode #101

In this episode I interview Dr. Stefanie Carnes, an internationally recognized expert on treating sexual addiction and betrayal trauma. We talk about the difficult subject of responding to sexual offenses. Even though...
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What I've learned after recording 99 episodes - Geoff Steurer - Episode 100

Episode #100

From Crisis to Connection has reached it's 100th episode! Join me as I share a few things I've learned over the past 99 episodes.  Connect with Geoff...
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An Inspiring Story of Betrayal, Survival, and Hope - Heidi Tucker - Episode 99

Episode #99

In this episode I interview author of the new book, The Secret Keepers, Heidi Tucker. The Secret Keepers is the true story of a woman, Margi, whose childhood mind captured scenes from her unthinkable abuse, then kept...
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Relational mindfulness - Liz Higgins - Episode 98

Episode #98

We talk about individual mindfulness on a regular basis and my guest on this episode says that it's just as important to extend that mindfulness to our intimate relationships. My guest is Liz Higgins, licensed...
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The Un-Alone Club - Emi Bass - Episode 97

Episode #97

One of the biggest factors in healing from an addiction is community. Emi Bass is a student at Brigham Young University and wanted to do something to support those struggling with pornography addiction after being...
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