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Our Story

We had been married just a couple of weeks when Wally and Nancy Goddard, a couple in their late forties, turned around in their seats at church to greet us. After we visited for a minute, they invited us over to their house to eat dinner. We lived around the block from them in the bottom unit of a fourplex. They lived in a charming yellow home that was over 100 years old. There wasn’t a television in sight. Instead, there were shelves full of books, children’s toys, trinkets galore, photos of ancestors, and a huge wooden table with a benches that invited us to stay a while and visit.

That first dinner with them was unlike anything we had ever experienced. The Mexican food was fabulous, but it was actually the conversation that filled us.

Wally was a professor of family studies and freely shared his knowledge about relationships with us. It was like he couldn’t help himself - the information just seemed to flow so naturally, weaving in and out of the conversation.

Even though Jody and I both came from good and earnest families where there was love and devotion, we still had to figure out what we were going to do in our brand new marriage.

We were basically intimate strangers (we met on a blind date five months prior) trying to figure out how we were going to build our new life together.

We were grateful for Wally and Nancy, who were deeply intentional about their marriage and family life. Not only did they care about their marriage, they were kind enough to gather this overwhelmed young couple under their wing.

I went on to complete a degree in marriage and family therapy and I've spent the past 23+ years working with couples and families as a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Even though we've lived states away from each other, we've stayed close over the years.

In celebration of our 25th and their 50th wedding anniversaries, we decided to get together and revisit  the incredible truths that helped us build our marriages and families.

We want to share these powerful truths with you so you can build the same foundation that has brought us decades of marriage and family joy. 


Let us introduce you to the amazing discoveries of research, combined with eternal truths of the Gospel, to help create a happier relationship to yourself and your loved ones.

We all have good intentions when we start our marriage and family journey.
Even though we are committed and faithful followers of Jesus Christ, it seems like applying these truths in family life doesn’t always come easily.
Plus, much of the advice out there doesn’t always align with Gospel truths.
We’ve spent a combined 50+ years of professional and personal experience collecting and sharing the best research and Gospel truths to help strengthen individuals, marriages, and families.

Here’s what's included in this course:

Well-Being: Develop a flourishing relationship with yourself.

Savor the Present: When we notice and appreciate the people and blessings God puts in our lives, we flourish.

Cherish Your Past: When we shape our life stories in thanks to God and good people, we flourish.

Embrace Your Future: When we use optimism and faith, we live with greater peace and purpose.

Know and Use Your Strengths: Life becomes purposeful as we use our strengths.

Find Ways to Serve: Loving and ministering create meaningful lives.

Marriage: Develop a flourishing relationship with your spouse.

Be a Vibrant Person: When we feel good, we bring more to our marriages.

Show Your Commitment: Love is more than a feeling; it is a commitment that changes our actions and strengthens our relationships.

Nurture Your Marriage: When we provide wise and consistent care, our marriages flourish.

Understand Your Spouse’s World: When we get beyond our guesses and assumptions to know our spouses’ worlds, we can connect and support.

Deal with the Challenges in Healthy Ways: When we make creative rather than destructive use of our differences, our relationships grow.

Parenting: Develop a flourishing and strengthening relationship with your children.

Be a Vibrant Person: When we feel good, we bring more to our parenting.

Practice Compassion: Entering our children’s emotional world will change our parenting and our children’s well-being.

Nurture Your Children Effectively: When we nurture effectively, we build a relationship and strengthen our children.

Guide Your Children Toward Balance: When we teach our children to use their agency well, they become stronger, more capable people.

Have a Heavenly Purpose: When we discern God’s purposes in parenting, we will be more effective.

This course will help you:

Learn the foundational truths that build healthy marriages and families.

Create more peace in your marriage and family life.

Stay centered and connected even during disagreements.

Leave a legacy of love for your children and grandchildren.


We’ve built a one-of-a-kind course that combines marriage and family research with Gospel teachings to help guide you through the challenges of marriage and family life.

You’ll learn how to build skills for connection and create a healthy marriage and family culture.

What’s included:

Video modules with expert instruction from Dr. Wally Goddard, Nancy Goddard, Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT, and Jody Steurer.

Downloadable workbook to help you apply what you’re learning in the course

Lifetime access to the course


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Meet your Instructors

Geoff & Jody Steurer

Geoff is a licensed marriage and family therapist, author, and podcaster with over 23 years of experience.

He is the co-author of “Love You, Hate the Porn: Healing and Relationship Damaged by Virtual Infidelity”, the co-host of the podcast, “From Crisis to Connection”, and has produced workbooks, audio programs, and online courses healing couples and individuals from the impact of sexual betrayal, unwanted pornography use, partner betrayal trauma, and rebuilding broken trust.

He earned degrees from Brigham Young University and Auburn University and has extensive training and experience treating sexually compulsive behaviors and betrayal trauma. He has also completed additional training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), and is certified in Accelerated Resolution Trauma Therapy (ART).

Jody has been a strong voice supporting women as co-host of the podcast “Speak Up Sister”. She is a certified coach, runs a small business, has years of experience in corporate training and organization, and has a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in psychology.

Jody’s most challenging work has been raising her four children (two of which are on the autism spectrum).


Wally & Nancy Goddard

Wally Goddard spent a career as a professor of family life. He researched, developed programs, and wrote books on happiness, marriage, and parenting. He even created a television show for public television called Guiding Children Successfully.

Nancy earned a degree in child development and chose to use her degree to do two things: bless her family and serve in the community. Wally calls her the kindest person on the planet. Together Wally and Nancy raised three children, and numerous foster children, and are grandparents of 14 beloved children.

The Great Truths course is for couples and individuals who:

Are married, divorced, dating, or single.

Want personal and relationship growth for themselves and their family.

Are tired of overly simplistic answers and value intelligent discussions about recovery, relationships, and family life.

Want trustworthy information from inspired sources.


For $39


Want to purchase as a gift for someone else?

Click on the button below to purchase this course for someone else.

We will send you an email with a gift card and coupon code that you can send to the recipient