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Join licensed therapist and author Geoff Steurer and his wife, Jody Steurer, as they explore topics on how to move out of the crisis of sexual betrayal (affairs, pornography, sexual addiction, etc), family issues, and other relationship challenges. They also talk about how to build deeper connection in your most important relationships

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"I did the first lesson and you are amazing! I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do with this program when I asked for it but I think I do now! You move at a pace that gives the person time to think, make decisions, etc. And your presentation asks questions that if you really want this to work you can’t avoid! Well done! I can see where these principles have worked other times for me and even though this will be tough, I believe it will once again bring great results!"

"I like working at a individual pace. There is lots of content to review and apply. Topics were very helpful for me to understanding my partners reactions and concerns. Very good presentations on the videos, good handouts and activities to apply the content. I thought the course was well put together, professional videos, with content aimed at helping me to understand where I fit into the repair work needed to became a trustworthy person."


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