Q&A with Geoff - My sisters have cut me our of their life

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2020



Since the death of our mother last year, the relationship I have with my sisters has disintegrated. I'm being accused of posting mean things about them on social media. I have not done any such thing. I love them both and would not do that. The one sister doesn't even use social media and sent me a message that though she doesn't have social media, she hears from her daughter that I go back and forth with my brothers on social media with hateful comments. She could check for herself that this isn’t true. I don't understand why she wouldn't check it out for herself. In her email to me she said I would never be invited to any event of her family in the future, including weddings. I am so hurt. I never ever put anything online that is negative. Two of my brothers have posted hurtful and rude things on social media, but I never have. I miss the relationship with my sisters. Why would anyone make up something like this? I can't ask questions because they've blocked...

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