Q&A with Geoff - My sisters have cut me our of their life

q&a with geoff Jan 19, 2020



Since the death of our mother last year, the relationship I have with my sisters has disintegrated. I'm being accused of posting mean things about them on social media. I have not done any such thing. I love them both and would not do that. The one sister doesn't even use social media and sent me a message that though she doesn't have...

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Illuminate: Dr. Wendy Ulrich - Forgiving ourselves - Episode 49

illuminate podcast Jan 16, 2020

I interview Dr. Wendy Ulrich, author and therapist, on the subject of forgiving ourselves. We discuss the importance of forgiving ourselves when we make mistakes.

Specifically, we discuss: 

- What it means to forgive ourselves.

- The ultimate goal of self-forgiveness.

- Why we struggle to forgive ourselves for making mistakes.

- The path to...

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Illuminate: Wendy Ulrich - Why is forgiveness so difficult? - Episode 48

illuminate podcast Jan 01, 2020

I interview Dr. Wendy Ulrich, author and therapist, on the subject of forgiveness. We discuss the challenges of forgiving others, especially when there have been serious betrayals. We discuss:

- Why forgiveness is such a sensitive topic

- How forgiveness is different than trust

- How forgiveness benefits the injured/betrayed person

- What makes it...

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Illuminate: Jessica Mockett - Responding effectively to abused children - Episode 47

illuminate podcast Dec 18, 2019

In this episode, I continue my discussion with Jessica Mockett, founder of Safe Haven Holistic Recovery, about how to prevent child sexual abuse and also respond to children who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse. In this episode, we discuss:

- How sexual abuse impacts children physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.

- How parents can best...

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Illuminate: Jessica Mockett - Protecting children from sexual abuse - Episode 46

illuminate podcast Dec 05, 2019

Pornography isn't a victimless pastime, especially when considering the role it contributes in the sexual exploitation and abuse of children. In this interview with Jessica Mockett from Save Hafen Holistic Recovery, we discuss:

- The impact of pornography on sexual abuse of children 

- How pornography dehumanizes others and contributes to an...

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