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Guest appearance: Healing with worth podcast - Therapeutic disclosures part 1 with Geoff Steurer - Episode 35

guest post Jan 15, 2021

We were fortunate to have Geoff Steurer, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist come on the podcast to discuss therapeutic disclosures. 

A full therapeutic disclosure is: "As detailed as you need it to be, including the truth about all sexual behaviors past and present. Accompanied by professional care for you before, during, and after the disclosure."

Listen as he answers our questions:

How long the therapeutic disclosure process should take What if you feel not everything was disclosed in the first disclosure When is the right time to have a therapeutic disclosure

We are so grateful to Geoff, for his expertise, for the work he is doing to help marriages heal, and his validation to us.

Show notes:

"The research shows that over 90% of people who complete a full therapeutic disclosure and end up staying together.  

It's an act of healing, a gesture of contrition, of humility, of trying to rebuild trust and it's worth doing."

To contact Geoff or to learn more about him head to his website:

Geoff's Podcast "The Illuminate":

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