Guest appearance: Reach 10 podcast - Why don't relapses mean someone is starting over in recovery with Geoff Steurer - Episode 53

guest post Dec 31, 2020

Slip-ups happen when someone views pornography even though they are trying to quit. That comes with a lot of different emotions, from shame to discouragement. Geoff Steurer, a marriage and family therapist, talks with Creed and Crishelle on how people can learn from relapse and use it to become stronger. Relapse is a part of recovery, and even part of everyone’s life.

In this episode:

  • Talk about shame so that you can learn from relapses.
  • Ease up on the judgement on yourself.
  • Stand up to the bully in your head.
  • Talk with someone you trust who can help you see the facts. 
  • Be compassionate about the pain your partner is going through.
  • Have a support system outside of your partner.

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