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From Crisis to Connection: Valerie Hamaker - How to stop enabling others - Episode 102

from crisis to connection podcast Jul 22, 2021
Join me and fellow therapist, Valerie Hamaker, as we riff about all things enabling. This episode is a replay of an episode we recorded for her podcast, "Voice About Living" and is the follow up to a previous episode where she interviews a former client about her enabling patterns.
In this episode, we discuss:
Why do we enable harmful behaviors in our loved ones?
How does this happen? 
How can we know that we are enabling? 
How does the enabler feel? 
And most importantly, how do we stop enabling and heal our relationships from this pattern?

This is episode 97 from Valerie's podcast that provides background and context for our interview:

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Valerie Hamaker has a Master’s Degree in counseling from MidAmerica Nazarene University with special training in marriage and family counseling.  She is a Nationally Certified Counselor, a licensed professional counselor in Kansas and a provisionally licensed counselor in Missouri. She is a certified Sexual Addictions Treatment Provider and completing coursework to be a Certified Play Therapist. Valerie is a certified Prepare and Enrich marriage facilitator and has also completed Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coaching Masters Series. She also has a Master’s degree from UMKC and a Bachelor’s Degree from Brigham Young University. Valerie owns and operates her own marriage and family counseling private practice called All About Attachment, LLC. Valerie enjoys working with individuals and couples in all life stages, weaving elements of emotional, spiritual, mental, and relationship wellness into her clinical work.  
Valerie has clinical experience working with high risk teens and recently she and her two adolescent daughters launched an anti-bullying campaign sponsored by the popular Discovery Girls Magazine, which they presented to over 500 adolescents in local schools and churches. Valerie enjoys presenting on issues of marriage, family, and faith and has had many opportunities to do so over the past twenty years in professional, academic, community, and ecclesiastical settings.  She is currently engaged in a qualitative research project focusing on the changing nature of intimacy due to the heavy influence of technology and social media.  The most important part of Valerie’s life is her relationship with God and she feels fortunate that her work in counseling allows her to serve God, to be constantly attentive to improving her relationship with her own husband and their four children, and to work closely with those who seek her services.

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