From Crisis to Connection: Vauna Davis - Helping young adults change the conversation about pornography - Episode 24

from crisis to connection podcast Nov 10, 2018

In this episode I interview Vauna Davis, the founder and director of Reach 10, an organization that helps young people start healthy conversations about the impact of pornography on individuals and relationships. 


We discuss:

- How to take pornography from being a punchline to a productive conversation.
- What young people can do beyond recognizing that this is a problem for individuals and relationships. 
- How to create real solutions using “courage, compassion, and connection.”
- How dealing with this issue builds stronger people and how not talking about this produces more self-criticism and shame. 
- What loved ones can do to offer immediate support to young adults who struggle with pornography. 

Connect with Geoff Steurer:
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You can learn more about Reach 10 on the website 

Vauna Davis has been involved in the cause opposing pornography for many years. She is founder and director of Reach 10, a nonprofit that empowers young adults to speak, teach, and lead on the issue of pornography. She also is happy to be working with Protect Young Minds as the Outreach and Education Coordinator. She serves as chair for The Safeguard Alliance of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, and is former director of Utah Coalition Against Pornography. She received an MA in Communications from BYU and lives with her husband, Michael, in Springville, Utah. They enjoy spending time with their grown-up children and grandkids. She loves yardwork - it gets her away from her desk! 

Reach 10 is a team of young adult speakers that inspire courage, compassion, and connection to overcome the shame, silence, and fear that keep people stuck in pornography. Our name is a call to action – we believe that one person can make a difference as they reach out to 10 people with a message of hope and connection.

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