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From Crisis to Connection: Brandon Bryson - His story (part 1) - Episode 3

from crisis to connection podcast Jan 01, 2018

Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT interviews Brandon, a man recovering from a decades long pornography addiction. In this episode:

- Brandon shares his most important advice to men struggling 
- He talks about the common excuses/reasons why men try and handle this on their own without getting help.
- The role of agency in addiction - if we have the power to choose to stop, why can’t people just stop?
- He talks about how early exposure and denial kept him from being healthy and honest about this as he grew into adulthood. 
- The importance about talking about this as parents and couples. 
- Brandon reveals his thought process for living a double life - pretending to be a worthy priesthood holder while secretly viewing pornography 
- Why forming a “band of brothers” in recovery is essential. Why telling one person about your struggle isn’t going to be enough to ensure long-term success. 
- Why you need a place outside of your marriage to talk about your struggles.

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