From Crisis to Connection: Steven and Kayla - a story of sexual addiction and betrayal trauma recovery - Episode 52

from crisis to connection podcast Feb 26, 2020

Steven and Kayla Shields are a couple working through recovery; Steven for his sexual addiction and Kayla for healing with her betrayal trauma. Kayla had no idea when getting married to Steven that he was view pornography daily and participating in prostitution. In this episode, they discuss Steven coming forward, early recovery, being disfellowshipped, excommunicated, and what they are doing in recovery today. 

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Steven founded a non-profit organization called Unashamed Unafraid in 2016, which shares couples stories of sexual addiction recovery and provides scholarships for treatment. They can be found at and everywhere podcasts are found.

Geoff has also created audio and video courses to help support individuals and couples in marriage, addiction, and betrayal trauma recovery at

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