From Crisis to Connection: Laura Brotherson - 20 Keys to Healthy Sex - Episode 65

from crisis to connection podcast Aug 13, 2020

We usually talk about unhealthy sex and the forbidden especially when it comes to healing from pornography and sexual addiction. Even though focusing on sex won't fix a pornography or sexual addiction, couples who are working solid individual recoveries need good information so they can learn how to create healthy sex in their marriages.

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Join me as I interview sex expert Laura Brotherson, licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist, as we discuss 20 keys to health sex. 

In this first episode of my two-part interview with her, we discuss: 

- Why pornography is a sexual mis-educator for both men AND women 

- The "Characteristics of healthy vs. unhealthy sex” chart (items 1-10)


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Handout – Spiritual Surrender (7 Steps) – How to Do Spiritual Surrender -

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