From Crisis to Connection: Dr. Mark Chamberlain - The challenge of enjoyment in the age of addiction - Episode 73

from crisis to connection podcast Dec 07, 2020

I interview author and psychologist, Dr. Mark Chamberlain, about our struggle to experience true enjoyment in today's desensitized culture. Screens, abundant food, and other forms of stimulation make it difficult for our nervous systems and bodies to truly enjoy life's little pleasures. It can also be a challenge to enjoy relationships, spirituality, nature, and other joys when we've been dulled by constant overstimulation. Dr. Chamberlain wrote a book called, "Wanting More: The challenge of enjoyment in the age of addiction", that presents a solution for how we can start savoring and enjoying the simple pleasures and joys of life.

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Mark Chamberlain Bio:

I love listening to individuals and couples in an effort to enter their world as they see it, and hopefully over time help them rise above the limits of their current perceptions to take a broader perspective and discover previously unseen possibilities. Over the years, I’ve found some specific research-validated relapse-prevention skills to be quite helpful for individuals in the early stages of recovering from addiction. Over the long-term, most clients’ recovery is greatly strengthened by deeper emotional connections in relationships. I use Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to help couples heal the negative cycles that can sabotage such closeness. The greatest reward comes when they discover that true, deep attachment is “the real deal” that old addictions could never counterfeit.


• Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology

• Licensed Psychologist

• Trained in Lifespan Integration

• Trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy

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