From Crisis to Connection: Emily Christensen - Building trust with our children to increase our influence - Episode 95

from crisis to connection podcast Jun 03, 2021

If we want our children to learn from us, they have to trust us. I interview Emily Christensen, a Certified Life Coach, on how we can improve trust with our children to increase our influence in their lives. In this episode, we discuss: 

Why trust from our children matters
Examples of trust and mistrust with a parent
Areas in parenting where having trust really matters
Things we do as parents that inadvertently undermine our children's trust in us
Specific steps we can follow to begin building trust with our children
How can we repair broken trust with our children

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Emily Christensen is a Certified Life Coach and active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She has presented to a variety of church groups, trained church leaders and spoken at BYU Women’s Conference on issues related to pornography. As the daughter of a recovering pornography and sex addict, Emily understands how pornography can impact families. As a coach, Emily specializes in teaching parents the tools they need to protect their children from the compulsive use of pornography.


Instagram: @emilychristensencoaching

Email: [email protected]

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