From Crisis to Connection: Seth and Melanie Studley - Growing as a couple after betrayal - Episode 96

from crisis to connection podcast Jun 10, 2021

Couples healing is a long-term process and not only requires individual effort, but also solid guidance on the nuances of how to rebuild trust. My guests are Melanie and Seth Studley, a couple in recovery and podcasters/coaches who help couples find connection in the aftermath of betrayal.

In this episodes, we discuss:
What a growth mindset in a recovering marriage looks like
How to get out our of comfort zones
One of the best tools for communication
How to improve sex and intimacy and the focus on (connection and pleasure).

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Seth and Melanie Studley have accomplished a tremendous amount in the short four years they have been podcasting. Their main show, Anatomy of Marriage: Real Help for Real Couples,recently topped over 3 million downloads. They’ve been guests on NBC News, The Love Hour Podcast, The Dad Edge Podcast, and have spoken on multiple stages all acrossthe the country.With the launch of two new shows, Anatomy of Sex and Anatomy of Family, they are poised to be the leading voicein all things relational. Taken from Seth's 15 years of clinical experience and Melanie's no limit approach to relationships, they provide sound and clinical advice with enough candor to relate to anyone

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