Heal your Marriage from Porn

The discovery of a pornography addiction in a committed relationship often sends a couple into a confusing world of mistrust, disorientation, and insecurity.  Join Geoff SteurerDr. Kevin Skinner, both licensed marriage and family therapists and specialists in treating pornography addiction, as they compassionately address common questions and dilemmas faced by couples throughout all stages of recovery from pornography addiction.   

The specific recovery needs unique to addicts, injured partners, and the couple will be outlined.  Additionally, couples will not only learn how to begin healing from the effects of pornography addiction, but will also gain valuable insights on how they can start to build long-term trust and intimacy.   

In this six part series couples will learn:  

Why Marriage and Porn Don’t Mix 
Performing Marital CPR after Discovery 
Yours, Mine, and Ours 
Addiction and Intimacy 
The Key Steps to Rebuilding Trust 
The Vision of Long-Term Recovery


** "This audio program is filled with very informative, and very helpful information. I highly recommend it, not just to anyone struggling with porn or sex addiction, but it is also very helpful to their spouse. These are great to listen to while driving to and from work, and for those guys who either don't like to read, or who don't have time to read."

** "Lot's of times audio of counselors will make you sleepy as they use their "counselor" voice. This one is different. The interviews keep the audio interesting. Good information."

** "Excellent and have recommended it to many people"